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a bunch of the plein air sketches I was working on during my Utah trip! A week drawing rocks, getting mistaken for a ranger twice- pretty ideal.

SO while I was at Coachella this weekend

I went to the Sahara tent early on Saturday to try and get front row for Empire of the Sun. The set right before EOTS was Fatboy Slim…. and you KNOW what he played.

That’s right, he played Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat. And I was freaking out, not because of Fatboy Slim’s mad beats (which I should have been, because they were boss), but because I knew that it was Beardyman’s voice I was hearing, which is technically Billy’s voice. And it sort of felt like I was seeing a special appearance by BJC himself live at Coachella 2014.

Needless to say, it was awesome… 


#EmpireoftheSun #FrontRow My heart is full. #Coachella2014 (at Sahara Tent)


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Anatomy of a Cactus illustration. Cacti are the only plant that I don’t straight up murder by accident. So I had two great models in my apartment.
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so i was just testing my camera settings and my shutter speed was pretty low and i accidentaly took this but now i kind of dig it ha ha

“Teenage Girls at a Slumber Party Talking to Boys Who Are Standing Outside” (via)